Welcome to EvaluTracTM

The EvaluTracTM Portal provides an electronic platform designed to streamline the administration and management of pain, anxiety and depression assessments.

The Service

EvaluTracTM is designed to provide physicians with instant electronic access to commonly used medical assessments historically provided to patients via pencil and paper.

The Technology

The expanding selection of assessments made accessible through the EvaluTracTM Portal has been compiled using input from industry experts and health care providers in the field. By utilizing this Software as a Service Cloud Based Platform, providers are able to measure a variety of health related factors associated with a patient’s well-being. Assessments are conducted with limited staff involvement using touchpad, tablet and computer technology. The results of each battery of assessments taken by the patient are stored in the cloud using HIPAA compliant security mechanisms and can be easily retrieved for reporting and historical reference. These results can also be uploaded into any compatible EMR system.

The Benefits

In today’s fast paced medical climate, practitioners and patients are often forced to work on tight schedules. Gathering specific, accurate elements of medical history from a patient can be very challenging. EvaluTracTM enables providers an opportunity to collect real-time critical data which can be used to improve patient care. This benefits both the patient and the provider.

Physicians have an opportunity to utilize this process to obtain reimbursement using appropriate CPT codes with medical necessity. Each practice should consult with their billing and coding specialist to determine when reimbursement is applicable.